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Are you a construction site manager looking for reliable, flexible workers for a new project?

Or perhaps you are behind schedule, or facing a particularly difficult challenge in your project?

You have come to the right place.

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Repbet have been providing reliable, professional construction services for nearly 20 years

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Starting as a self-employed building contractor and developing into a specialised subcontracting company that provides various trades including:

  • carpenters and concrete carpenters

  • general builders

  • concrete repair technicians

  • construction site cleaners

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Your job is to complete the building project, on time, to spec and within budget. Our job is to make it easier for you, and we will support you at all steps of the project.

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  • We will find workers who speak Dutch and/or English, with skills and experience needed for the job.

  • If required, we will advise and consult on specific issues or tasks

  • We will provide all necessary tools, equipment and materials, as needed. 

  • We will deliver a crew as required, using our own transport, and provide a foreman/ team leader so you don’t need to worry about constant supervision

  • We will work on short notice and evenings, nights and weekends if necessary, to make sure the job is done. 

construction workers

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